Pinboard with non-http Links

The new Pinboard integration is great - thank you

Am I correct however that it only works with Hook bookmarks to http/https links, i.e. to webpages?

Is there any way that we could also add hook:// links to Pinboard? I understand those are not websites, but since they work in a browser I wonder if there were a way that Pinboard could activate such links just like they work in any browser.

To my knowledge, Pinboard does not allow app URLs (like OmniFocus:/// , x-devonthink-item:/// , and hook:///). However, we are exploring a solution that would expand the set of information Pinboard could reference. I haven’t checked whether Instapaper and Goodlinks have the same limitation.

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Since Pinboard has a full API, it should be possible to support app URLs - correct?

Added later—> Pinboard’s author says he would consider adding additional URL support to the Pinboard app - I will follow-up that discussion with him.

Thank, @rkaplan . however, I think you mean Pinboard service, not app.