PDFs on External that is shared and 2 computers (best practices?)

Hi Hookers!

I’ve got an external drive attached to my desktop with my PDF library stored in folders as files. This drive is shared using Apple File Sharing. I wan’t to hook to them in Obsidian (and other places) which I use on 4 devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad). Now I also have DevonThink where I could put the PDFs but the way that DevonThink syncs is that it moves entire libraries to the devices you are synching with, so I use DevonThink for focused work while the PDF library is used less frequently.

So, if I want to use Hook to link those files on that external drive to other project files is it better for me to just put them in DevonThink or can I keep good links across at least my laptop and desktop? I’m not so concerned about them working on the iPad and iPhone but thought I should mention them in case there is some golden solution that marries them all.

So far: I’ve put my (synched) obsidian vault in the same path on both computers.

The question: Is this even possible? Am I going about it the wrong way? I’ve been at it for a year but it’s become more important recently so I’m braving the forum for answers. I’ve looked here but haven’t found anything yet.

Thanks so much.

I apologise if this is unclear and will edit to provide clarity if needed.

In that case if you’re using hook://file/ links it should work across devices providing the combination of name and path elements is unique.

If your files are on an external drive and you use hook://file/ links, you’ll want to do:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hfile.url.search.scope local

on the device, so Hook can look at that drive.

If you stick to DEVONthink links, than as long as DEVONthink URLs remain constant for that file, Hook and all other apps will treat them the same.