Paste and Replace Link Sets

I was trying to redo a project that I have already been using. I had some trouble with some of the graphics I was using and had to stop and redo aspects of several documents including renaming, making revisions etc.

I also passed a long overdue milestone in the project (hooray) so now I have added new links to the set and deleted older links.

What I discovered. It is nice that I can copy all links. That is an easy way to transfer what you have set for one document in a collection, into any other document in that collection.

However, I did not want to keep adding lists. I had to clean up the Hook links for a key document, add the revised documents, and delete the obsolete documents. I want to copy all links in this new cleaned up Hook set, and paste and replace all the earlier copied link sets.

As far as I can tell, I don’t see any modifier key set to allow me to do this with Hook.

To summarize, it is good to paste links to a Hook set. But at times it is also good to want to replace a Hook set with a copied link set.

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Would the ability to (a) select all links, and (b) multi-select links, and then delete via delete key help?

Yes, that would work.

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The ability to select multiple links at once for deletion would help in a number of situations.

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