Option to get original link from "Share..."

In the Hook dropdown menu the “Share” option shares the “hook://…” link. Is it possible to have an option, maybe by pressing the Option key, to not share the “hook://…” link but share the original link. I mean for example the “https://…” or “mail://…” or whatever link was originally copied by Hook?

It would be helpful when using that link in an email or something I’m sharing with someone else and I do not need Hook involved as a middle-person.


Thanks for your request, Katie.

The share feature uses the same get address/get name scripts as when you use Copy Link.

For web pages, for instance, Hook does return http:// or https:// links . Hook only uses the hook:// scheme when the get address scheme returns it.

The get address scheme (by default) only uses a hook:// scheme if the contextual resource does not have another ‘adequate’ address. (I.e., Hook uses the native scheme when possible/most sensible). For emails, we use a hook://email scheme because people can use different e-mail applications. A link like mail:// that is recognizable by Mail.app is not valid for MailMate.app. Hook provides a universal format to cover all supported email applications. If you and the recipients of the email you’d like to share all use the same mail application, you can go to Preferences-Scripts, change the script for returning the URL of your mail application. However, we feel that using hook://email links provides more value to most customers, because most of the time one doesn’t know what client app the recipient uses. Plus the sender themselves might choose to change email apps.

Using Hook only to consume links is free (included in Hook Lite). So the recipient does not need to pay for Hook to get the benefits of hook:// links (be they to files, emails or whatever).

We also use the hook:// scheme for files because file:// URLs are not robust, and they cannot be shared across Macs (let alone for different users). hook://file links in contrast can be used across different computers, even of different people (if they share the same file), and they are relatively robust (you can move the destination files and the links will normally work.)

(We also have a hook://search scheme which can be shared between Macs even of different users; but currently Hook’s share mechanism does not generate it.)

About enclosures: when Hook’s share > to Mail function is called on a file , Hook will include the file. We could in principle provide an option not to include the hook://file URL when sharing files via email. For other share sheets than email, (like sharing to Messages), we would need to add the functionality of including the file itself before we would take out the hook://file . I assume your request is a vote for that.

Sure, I’ll opt in.

Thanks for splaining all the details of the hook:// scheme, and various scenarios. Lots to absorb. I appreciate that you took the time to go into detail. (I’ll admit I probably could have found the info on the web site.)

Be safe


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