Obsidian: Is this what we've waited for?

Loving Hook and Obsidian. I’ve been interested in using Obsidian as the target of my new Hook notes and today’s Insider’s release of version 0.11.0 says, “You can now create a new note with an optional content using the Obsidian URI.”

More details here: Using obsidian URI - Obsidian Publish

  • There is now an official Hook integration using the Obsidian URI.

That was the part that got my eye on that post!

@LucB what does “official” mean for us?

Great news!

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Hook is working very well with Obsidian 0.11.

Thanks to Erica, Shida, and … Luc et cie, of course :smile:


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Thank you for keeping us up to date with Obsidian development, @rdr. Much appreciated! We’re looking into their new API which should enable us to add Hook to New > Obsidian integration.

I believe this reflects Obsidian’s commitment to ensuring that Obsidian is a fully linkable app, as we described in What’s a Linkable App and Why Does Linkability Matter? – Hook. They definitely value linking, hence the integration.


Very excited about the possibilities of using these two powerful tools even more closely together!