Notification for how many items are linked to the current item


A big fan of Hook Productivity here. I’ve always wanted a program like Hook and it has been changing my work routine so much since I started using Hook.

Now I have many links connected to each other using Hook. But sometimes I wonder when I open a document or a webpage whether I’ve already had some linked items to it or not.

I was wondering instead of invoking Hook every time I open a document/webpage to check whether I have linked items, if there’s a way to see the number of items linked to the current document/webpage automatically.

For example, I can envision that the current menubar icon of Hook will show the number of items linked to the currently opened item whenever there’s already at least one linked item. A even better addition would be that, when I click the number appearing over the icon, it will open a small window to display the list of linked items (or the current hook window as it will serve the same function).

Thank you again for making such a wonderful program for a professional researcher. If this feature could be added to the future updates, I would appreciate it very much.


I like this idea.

It reminds me of Ghostnote, a notes app that connected to your current context. The note could be linked to applications, windows, tabs, documents, tabs, or URLs. When you revisited the context, say a certain article in your browser, then your note would open in the menu bar.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Ghostnote is actively developed anymore.