NotePlan 3 Beta "No linkable item found"

I just downloaded and installed the new NotePlan 3 beta and I’m getting the “No linkable item found” when I try to using Hook in it. I have two questions:

  1. Will NotePlan 3 support Hook?
  2. If so, is there any way to get the Hook working with the beta verison?

Thanks for asking, @harets. Haven’t tried the beta yet. Does the beta have a different application bundle ID? They sometimes do.

Hook is on the NotePlan developer’s radar (he’s @EduardMe on this forum). (We blogged here:

we can get in touch directly also.

Yes, it has: co.noteplan.NotePlan3
Because it will be a separate app, we had to change it.

But the same Hook support code is already added like in NotePlan 2. So, I guess we need to update something in Hook to make it working?

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thanks for letting us know. We’ll replicate the scripts , adding that bundle ID.
NotePlan3 beta users can also do this manually for themselves, by clicking the “+” button at bottom left of Hook’s Scripts preferences pane and selecting the new NotePlan app, then copying pasting the NotePlan2 scripts in their respective tabs.

Great! I’m back up and running. Thanks.

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