New and Daylite Users

This is my 3rd day with Hook. My initial planned use is bring data into Craft from Daylite and a few other sources with bi-directional links. I was curious if any other Hook users are using Daylite and how.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @bnm3215 . Thanks for asking about that. I know several Hook users use Daylite, so hopefully some will share their experience :slight_smile: .

I use Hook to connect Daylite to both OmniFocus and Craft.

In the case of Craft, I typically have a document dedicated to each client with Hooks to the related project(s) in OmniFocus and contact information in Daylite. Generally speaking, I like having “dashboard” documents in Craft that tie related items together and give me a central place to take notes. Hook is the glue that makes this possible.

When I need to follow up with someone (e.g. a past client), I sometimes use Hook to link a contact in Daylite to a new OmniFocus action using Hook’s very useful “Hook to New” feature.

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