Multi-select the linked files making them transfer from folder A to folder B

I learned about Hookmark from the web, and tried to use it to solve some problems in my workflow.

I use Omnifocus to manage my tasks and Devonthink to manage my files and folders. I used to naming the folder with the task and put all the files needed for the task in that folder. On the computer, this process runs very smoothly, but on the iPhone it becomes very difficult.

On the computer, I could quickly generate the folder with the same name as the task through Applescript and connect them via URL, but on the iPhone, this was very difficult to do until I discovered Hookmark. Maybe it would allow me to create the connections between task and file on my phone first, and then create the folder structure when I’m sitting at my computer.

I don’t know if the upcoming IOS version of Hookmark will allow me to open the file linked to the task and saved in the iCloud Inbox folder on my iPhone, what I would prefer to achieve is whether I can multi-select the files, making them transfer from the Inbox folder to the Tasks folder to achieve the purpose of document organization

If it can help me to do this, I will not try any other App and I will be more than willing to pay for this elegant solution!