Microsoft Word and deep linking?

In a PDF app the Hook “deep linking” works like this: When you click the link, Hook opens the file and jumps to the specific section of the PDF.

But this kind of deep linking does not seem to support Microsoft Word? When I link to a comment and/or a section of body text in MS Word, the Hook link only opens the MS Word document, but does no go to the specific section of the document.

Am I doing something wrong? And if Microsoft Word doesn’t support deep linking, is that something that will be implemented in the future? :crossed_fingers:t3:

Interesting question. You’re right that Hook does not support deep linking in MS Word. I don’t know MS Word well enough to provide much guidance on this right now. But I suppose this would require setting bookmarks in Word documents. Looking quickly I notice MS Word’s AppleScript dictionary supports setting bookmarks. there may be a way to go to Word bookmarks via automation.

It would be unusual for a Copy Link (or Copy Deep Link) command to modify a document, so we’ll need to think about this before we can comment more precisely. Maybe others will have suggestions.

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Incidentally, as a use case for Hook: I exported MS Office’s AppleScript dictionary to PDF and hooked it to this post, and to a related web page, and our internal ticket regarding this.

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