Microsoft OneDrive Word Document Issues

I have started using Hook this week and see enormous value in this. I’m hooked (excuse the pun).

However, there is one use case here that is causing me issues. I’m wanting to hook a Microsoft Word document that is stored in my OneDrive folder which is obviously synchronised with Microsoft cloud services. When I try and create hook to any Word document stored in One Drive, Hook is unable to do so stating “No item detected in Microsoft Word”. I don’t believe this is a One Drive issue per se as Excel spreadsheets stored in One Drive work fine. I also don’t think it is a cloud storage / synch issue as Word documents stored on Apple iCloud folders also work fine. Issue seems to be confined to Word documents stored in Microsoft One Drive and Sharepoint repositories.

Anybody else found this behaviour?


Is it the Word files or the Word app? I suspect it would be the latter and you should be able to select the Word file in Finder to link it while the app isn’t working as expected.

Thanks @stevelw. It is the file itself and not the app. However, as you suggested, linking to it directly in Finder does work so that is good enough for me now. Much appreciated.

It doesn’t however, allow me to copy a link from directly within the open Word doc file still. But I can live with that knowing I can link via Finder.


I’ve just tried this on my system and can confirm this is an issue.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all work as expected with files in normal folders.

Word documents in OneDrive folder don’t work from within the Word app, but Excel and PowerPoint continue to work as expected.

Thanks for confirming Steve. Glad to know it’s not specific to me. Hopefully can get recognised as a bug and addressed now.


Thanks for the problem report and the replication.

At my end, I was not able to replicate with Hook Version 1.0-beta (2372, and later internal builds) , under macOS Mojave (10.14.5) using OneDrive v 19.062.0331.0010 (from App Store) and Word Version 16.16.10.

Could you please confirm your macOS version, OneDrive version (app store?) and MS Word ?

I’ve now managed to replicate the problem by turning on the One Drive > Office> “Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open” setting. When I turn that off, the Hook Window is properly populated.

We’ll investigate.

Also, @LucB, I am running the same version of OSX and Hook, but my version of OneDrive is 19.070.0410.0007 in case that’s of any relevance to you. Although I doubt it, given you can replicate the issue now in any case.


correct, it’s not a version issue.
When Office sync is enabled, Word returns an abnormal https “path” , e.g., something like https/ comments:abc.docx, instead of a file URI.