Loving Hook and a suggestion

This is the first time I’ve been excited about a piece of software in quite a while. Thanks to the developers.

Would you consider making it possible to jump to the Access Linked Item section links by pressing a number on the keyboard, i.e. pressing 1 would open the first link, pressing 3 would open the third. There would be no problem in limiting it to the first nine numbers, imho. The most recently accessed links would be at the top. It might even be better if pressing the number selected the link, but it took a return press to invoke the link. This would allow the arrow keys to access other links more quickly.

An alternative idea would be to put the Access Linked Items at the top of the Hook window, or maybe an option to do that. I find myself using the keyboard command automatically for Copy as Link, Link to Copy, and New Note, and often the link I need is the last one I used, so it should be at the top, imho.


Previous response to this idea:

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Yes, we do intend to make it easier and quicker to access linked items. It’s one of our priorities after the 1.0 golden master release. We have a lot of ideas about how to optimize the UI, enabling users to access additional pertinent information, and to do so more quickly.

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And welcome to the Hook productivity forum, @danlandrum, and thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated . Very glad you are enjoying Hook :slight_smile: .

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