Links not clickable? [Sublime text requires plugin, Joplin : render mode]

Link is clickable in one app but not the other. How can I improve this to work with as many apps as possible?

Example of Sublime text not working as expected:

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No reply must mean this is a stupid question. Sorry about that.

I’m quite excited about Hook, checking and searching about this every day. Yet, I must miss something.

I know apps need to be supported to be dee linkable. However, at least keystroke emulation should kick in if that’s not working correctly.

Obviously, I’ve enabled the accessibility service etc.

The problem appears to be with those apps not with Hook.

Sublime text needs a plug-in to make URLs clickable.

Joplin needs to be in render view. How to make hyperlinks work - #5 by jb261 - Support - Joplin Forum

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thanks for asking, @Bob , and thanks for answering @stevelw .
I’ve added Steve’s answer to the title to make it easier to parse this. I’ve also added a note in the Sublime entry of the Linkable Mac Apps page , with a link to this topic.

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