Linking multiple items in Finder together

Here is an email we received. I will answer here to build the public knowledge base.

· Q1. Can I create multiple links for multiple files and folders at the same time using Hookmark?

  • I selected multiple files or folders and pressed the shortcut key to create the link, but did not work.
  • It only created link for single file for single folder.
  • Could you help me how to create links for multiple files or folders at once?

yes. There are different ways:

  1. menu bar icon drag and drop.
  2. Using Shortcuts: Directory of Shortcuts – Hookmark. You can add install these actions , and they extend the Finder, showing up in “Quick Actions”.
  1. suppose an item already has multiple links.
    a. [Copy All Hooked Links]( on that item
    b. select the file, invoke Hookmark and do Hook to Copied Links:


Here is a Keyboard Maestro macro which uses Applescript to mesh hook selected Finder items.

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