Linkable Calibre

In the linkable applications under the heading Ebook Readers there is no mention of Calibre, which I run under macOS10.14.6
Does Calibre for macOS already feature a reliable automation for linking, which is used by Hook?
Thank you

In the meantime I got a forum statement from the maker of Calibre, in his typically grandiose, arrogant tone, really difficult to bear:

[quote={Kovid Goyal}]{calibre is the leader in its field, used by millions of people. never heard of Hook. Dont know what it does, and from its page can tell its one of those pathetic mac specific apps that would not recognize an API if it was driving a truck that ran over it.

calibre has THE most comprehensive APIs known to man.}[/quote]

On the other hand, it is true that Calibre is by far better than any e-Book Reader I have tried until now.
Can you please have a look, if the Calibre APIs fit into Hook?
Many thanks

By the way, BB coding seems to function here only partially. Can you please help me also with this (much minor) issue? Thank you.

welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @adrian. Thanks for bringing this up. FWIW, I’ve used Calibre from time to time – before Hook.

We’ll have a look (but another forum contributor might beat us to it). If Calibre has an API to Get the Address and URL of the current book, and the URL is valid, then it can be added to Hook’s integrations by CogSci Apps or any Hook user who does this kind of thing.

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This would be great.

That is quite some response from Kovid Goyal! :grimacing:

Calibre is great as an ebook manager. I wouldn’t say the ebook reader itself is particularly inspiring.

My workaround for this is with Trickster (which interfaces very nicely with Hook). When I’ve imported a book, it will be in the Trickster list, so it’s easy to link to/from it. Before I thought to do this, I clicked on the ‘click to open path’ link in the right Calibre sidebar so I could see the imported ebook in its location. Of course, this only links to the file itself, not to the entry in Calibre. For me, that’s enough most of the time.

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Calibre 5.5 is out, with a url scheme that allows accessing locations inside books. So now you can actually pinpoint the page reference. I need to see if there’s a way to use this in Hook?

Also, wow. I didn’t know the calibre developper was such a … oh well, words fail me. Especially given the paltry state of the Calibre UI/UX. The only thing it has going for it is the lack of competition …

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Ok, so … it seems there’s an API but I’m not sure it exposes the location - and the actual command sequence to obtain a location in the calibre e-book viewer is kafkaesque … better minds than mine need to look into this.
It would be great to link to an actual location in a book, but i’m not holding my breath!

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thanks for looking into all of that. Deep linking in books would be great.

super! That’s a great work-around for a lot of apps that are not yet linkable but that are exposed on file system.

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Thank you so much, @tonywatkins , @seishonagon , (sorry, Luc, I am allowed to mention only 2 forum members).
I have updated to Calibre 5.5 a few minutes ago, and I will give it a go as soon as I can.
Very kind of you.