Link to New keyboard shortcut for scripts

Unless I’m missing something, it seems the cmd+N shortcut for Link to New can only be set to a file template. Could a way be added to set it to a New Document script?

Thank you for asking, Steve.

You can set a keyboard shortcut for any “Link to New” item via Apple’s shortcuts. E.g., I have a shortcut that maps ⌘. to OmniFocus. This triggers the New Document script for OmniFocus as defined in Hook’s Preferences > Script Editor tab >> OmniFocus (item) >> New Document (sub-tab).

A quirk with macOS , these shortcuts sometimes require exposing the “Link to New” menu first (for the shortcut to fully register with macOS).

I’m sure you’re familiar with this, but for others, see How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS –

I’m unable to get this to work — when I press the shortcut, it backs out to the main Hook window and doesn’t trigger the script. I’ve tried with various options for the key combination. I do run several keylogging apps (TextExpander, Keyboard Maestro) so there’s the potential for conflict there.

Regardless, for most users, I think it is confusing that they can select some items in that menu for the built-in shortcut (templates) but other items listed in the same menu can’t (scripts). Long term I’d like to see all apps with a New Document script usable with cmd+N natively.

… agreed, and yes, we do intend to fix that after the 1.0 golden master.

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I’m probably missing something here. Since “Link to New” is not a menu item, how can Apple’s Keyboard Shortcut reference it? You seem to imply that you are running the script directly? Is this the case? If yes, again, how do you do it from the (very limited) interface for Apples Keyboard Shortcuts ?

Replying to my own misundersanding, as a reference for others.
By simply typing OmniFocus as the menu item, it magically finds its way in the maze of submenus.
I was trying to overcomplicate things by telling my Mac where to find the submenu …