Link to a specific location inside a document?

I don’t know if it is technically feasible/reasonable, but it would be nice if Hook could even supporting linking not just to a file, but to a specific location inside a PDF (or other types of) file, like the PDFoo app does

reasonable request

There is also a way to use Hook with Curio, which supports deep PDF linking, as described here:

Coming later this year, if all goes according to plan, is more general support in Hook for deep linking of PDFs (after Hook 2.0).

@LucB ah, I was under the impression this was already possible. I wanted to use hook to deep link pdfs and then put them inside obsidian while im typing. I also have DEVONthink and learned about the integration within you two. I can’t figure out if either you or DEVONthink could achieve this. if not, im willing to wait for 2.0 if that’s when it will become available. but if you know of any workaround, let me know so I can purchase the pro version. thank you!

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @obadiahcruz, and thanks for asking.

I wasn’t aware of [PDFoo app for macOS - onekerato] until @ang mentioned it above. I haven’t tried it yet. But it claims to be able to copy URLs. Hook’s Hook to Copied Link command works with any URL, so it should work with those too. If PDFFoo does not yield a link with a title, you could put one in a Markdown link if you want, and Hook will treat the Markdown link title as a title.

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thank you for the warm welcome! @LucB
sorry I was more so commenting on the deep linking feature for pdfs within any program. I found a keyboard maestro script today that allows me to highlight text inside Devonthink and then have it create an ID and I can paste it using markdown to reference back inside obsidian. I was hoping I could avoid scripts and use hook for this with a url. I wasn’t asking about PDFoo app, im really sorry for making you investigate further about it!