Improvements on Hook Search Window

I know that we will have a new refined Hook Window and I would like to add few ideas in case we miss something.

  1. When I delete a Bookmark in Hook Window, I would like to stay focus on the Hook Search Window, so I don’t have to re-trigger the window
    1.1. I would like to delete multiple Bookmarks at once instead of one by one.

  2. It would be great if we can sort Bookmarks in categories: date added, recently used, favourite, file types/extensions, …

  3. Shortcut to trigger Hook Search Window. The old method: Trigger Hook (Shift ⌘ space) first then ⌘F.
    3.1. I know there is an alternative using Alfred Workflow (Browse Hook Bookmarks). What I don’t like about the workflow is that bookmarks show the same Hook icon. I have to count on the extension to identify which file I need to look for.

  4. More shortcuts to interact with Hook Search Window: Rename using ⌘ R instead of ⇧⌃⌘R.

  5. Hit space and Preview Window should readjust in the middle to display all the content.

If all the issues above are enhanced, it would transform the Hook Search Window and make it more useful. Thanks for reading my thoughts.