I suspect I'm doing something wrong regarding deep linking

I have installed skim and have made it my default PDF program.

Just to test things out, I scroll into a PDF somewhere, select some text and highlight it.

I open the hook menu and click: copy link. Then I save and close the pdf.

I paste this into a file. I can easily click it. But when I do, it opens up the document to the first page not to the link.

What am I doing wrong?

I figured out the issue.

This is not trying to link to a piece of text highlighted in yellow on Skim. If I highlight the text before turning it yellow, and after highlighting it, then I hook to it it works fine. After I hook to it I can then make it yellow like a regular highlight should look and the hook still works.

What I have also figured out is that the app Highlights is far more effective for me because I can get my highlights out of it in markdown. I can’t unfortunately hook using deep links.

I have reached out to the developer of Highlights and he said that because he is a one-man shop, blah blah blah. His app does not reflect the fact that he is only a one person shop. He is charging a premium price for it. As much as I like the app, I can see no reason that he can’t make this able to it do deep linking. I am letting my displeasure be known in my app review. It seems to be the only real way to get through.

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Can you clarify this? Are these the steps?

  1. Select the text in SKIM.
  2. Create link in Hook.
  3. Highlight the text in yellow or other color.


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Yes, exactly right. That’s what it takes. If you try to hook to something that you have already highlighted in yellow, it won’t work and will just get a generic link to the pdf itself.


Same issues found here. Hook only deal with text selected but not highlighted. You could not get the deep link from the annotation. Hope someone could add some new features to address it.

Workaround: you can use keyboard maestro to custom one macro in Skim. Integrate Hook trigger shortcut and highlight shortcut.