I can't create Bike deep link when I invoke Hookmark


When I put the cursor on the specific row on Bike and invoke Hookmark, I can’t create bike deep link automatically. All it shows is my bike file (screenshot below)

Hookmark version (Settap): Version 5.1.2 (5457; Integration v. 276)

Did I miss something? Thanks for the support.


screenshot 2023-05-15 at 20.01

To create a deep link, you need to use Copy Link or Copy As Markdown Link. Have you pasted it in a document to see what you get? It should normally end with #rowid=... , `…" being an ID.

see also:

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, Copy As Markdown Link will show the id. However, Copy Link only shows bike file link.

How can I make Copy Link show id as well? Thanks.

Never mind. It seems to work now Thanks again.

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