How to hook items with siyuan-note?

Siyuan-note is a local-based note-taking software but many people may not know about. Its name is also strange, for it was developed by two individual developers from China, this couple didn’t come up with one nice name in English for their product.

What I like about this software is that its native features are completely free(no blocks limits, for example). I tried Craft the other day, and found and it adapted with Hook very well, for its deep links can be copied out. Likewise, every page, every paragraph, every block of siyuan-note also has a unique link.

I just signed up for this forum account today, and found that both Zotero and Calibre can be hooked through custom script. So I thought this note-taking software, sharing some similarities with Craft, should be able to do it as well.

Hope somebody write the script.

Or perhaps you will love siyuan-note?visit

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