How is tinderbox supposed to work?

I’m a newbie, evaluating Hookmark.

I would like to link to Tinderbox notes from within Bike (an outliner) so that I can click on an outline item and go to a related note. That doesn’t seem to work. I end up in a Tinderbox view without the copied node selected. I am using Tinderbox 9.2.

The same thing happens in the Things time-organizer.

I thought I had read somewhere that this was supposed to work.

In map view, I select a Tinderbox note:

I use copy-link to copy the note. That looks like this: hook://tbx/notes?view=outline&select=1672680359;?filepath=/Users/bem/podcast/episodes/021-legitimate-peripheral-participation/notes.tbx

It pastes into Bike as a link:

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 11.28.44

To simulate normal use, I select another Tinderbox node, then close Tinderbox.

Now in Bike, I click the link. The screen opens centered on the “temp” note (which may be an accident - I don’t find Tinderbox very good at keeping my place). However, the “limited” note is the one selected. Also, there are two map panels open instead of the one I had when I closed. Both have “limited” selected.