How do I delete an ie from a Hook list?

Hi, Brand new user here. First hour of hook!!! on my iMac :slightly_smiling_face: Hoping it will help me get instant access to numerous files, weblinks, photos etc I use in a Project without having to constantly search discs and folders for all of the different ‘items’.

My first question. In the hook list I have started for ‘project A’ I see that I have a youtube video that shouldn’t be there. I can’t see a delete or unlink button. How do I remove an item from a hook list? Highlighting the link item and pressing command/delete does not do it.Thanks a lot. Philip

Sorry for the trouble.

Do you mean you can’t see “Unhook Link” in the action menu? Does “unlink link” appear for other types of links?

Could you please send some screenshots to That will help us understand the problem better.

Thank you

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @PhilipD . Thanks for asking about that. The keyboard shortcut is ⌘⌫ (command delete).

Just emailed screenshot. No. Not seeing ang ‘unhook’ or ‘unlink’ menu options

Sorry for the confusion.

Those bookmarks are pinned items. They can be unpinned or deleted, but not unhooked. Perhaps you want to delete them? If that’s the case, you can click on Advanced menu item, there is a delete… menu item there. This deletion will delete the bookmark completely.

Only bookmarks in Hooked section can be unhooked. An unhooked bookmark is not deleted, it just does not show in previous Hooked bookmark’s Hooked section any more. But you still can see it in Search window.

Thanks for reply. I think this is where I need to go back to Hook 101 basic instructions as none of this makes any sense to me :-). What’s a ‘pin’, how is that different from a ‘hook’, are they both kinds of bookmarks? What does this all mean? :-). I’m a bit out of my depth here so will go back to ‘read instructions’.
Here is what I wanted from Hook when I bought it (roughly). I work on lots of projects that often need me to get quick access to basic documents, pdfs, files, photos, websites etc. They can be in lots of different places and can be a real pain to find and re-find. I wanted a system that could ‘hook’ or link, or somehow give me quick access to these. So, for example, I’m working on Project B. I need its application form and online guidelines. One is a file in a folder somewhere. One is a website link. Then I need some older Project A docs and photos to reuse in Project B. Now I need that old email regarding Project A that will be useful in Project B. That’s the gist. I wanted to be able to put all of these ‘things’ in a nice, easy to access list or drop down menu where I can instantly find that ‘thing’ that I need and just click on the drop down item to open it. As I create or find other items that I need, I just select, link, hook or whatever these, and they are added to the list. So in dreamworld, I have this great list of everything that I need that I can easily find, open and use without spending ages digging around files, backup disks, photo libraries emails etc to find everything every time I need it.
I know that’s a bit garbled, but is that what Hook can do if I learn how to use it properly or have I bought the wrong thing. Thanks for your forbearance and help.

There are currently up to three sections of links in the contextual Hook window, plus a global search view:

  1. HOOKED** links. Those are items that are linked to the item shown in the title bar.
  2. the PINNED links section of the Hook window contains links that you have pinned. This means they are always present in the Hook window regardless of what the title is. These are like “global bookmarks”. An analogy here is Apple Notes. A note in Apple Notes can be “pinned” which means it always shows up at the top. Well, in our case it means it always shows up, period, assuming you have configured Hook to show pinned items.
  3. The RECENT links section. Those are items you have recently opened via Hook.

Whenever you copy a link, Hook bookmarks it. When you hook things together, Hook also bookmarks them.

Hook sports a “Search” facility (⌘F) from which you can access any of Hook’s bookmark. This function is also available from Hook’s window, using ⌘F or Gear > Find.

All the sections of the Hook Window are illustrated and described here.

Those functions should all be able to address the needs you put described.