Hookmark randomly invoking itself on Ventura


After updating to Ventura on my Mac, I am finding Hookmark to be randomly invoking itself when working on documents (i.e. without any keyboard shortcuts or other requests being made). This is naturally very distracting and I’d be grateful for some assistance as it is making Hookmark unusable.

Thank you

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @langley . And thanks for asking. If you used the in-app update mechanism to update from Hook 3.x to Hookmark 4, and the app was not renamed, then please:

  1. rename Hook.app (version 4) to Hookmark.
  2. delete all prior instances of Hook app (you can zip them first if you like; but we have an archive)
  3. run Hookmark

if the problem persists please let us know.

Thank you — I will give that a try