Hooked status and the contextual window

Hi, I believe it would be so useful and feel quite coherent to see this window populated with the already hooked items. What do you think?

I suppose this feature request is already planned?

Congrats on Hook 3.6’s release!

The new status icons in the menubar are definitely going in a direction I personally felt the need for.


Yes - plus the ability to also browse a tree of all existing hooks and select in that manner where to hook a new item.

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No question. Related to what you are saying about the continued refinement of this feature, my hope is that this is just the first of many steps toward enabling active cuing about the availability of hooklinked documents. Adding the light-up icon was a major step.

But with notifications configurable to spam you every time a hook link gets copied to the clipboard, it would be useful to have a configuration option to enable notifications when opening a hooklined document… And make them independent of “Hooklink copied to clipboard” config option, which so spammy I almost fail to see its purpose.

At present, the icon color-change is the only way to notice that a document is linked to hook without invoking hook. Presumably, the lion’s share of the work was getting hook to be context-aware enough to signal the menu icon color change. So I suspect most of the is plumbing there, already, to enable the same information to come as a more-visible (and useful) notification banner.