Hook Won't Recognize Selected Email From Search in Spark Mail App

I noticed something interesting today, which I feel might be a bug (perhaps on Spark’s side, though.)

I searched for some emails and wanted to select both of them to copy into an OmniFocus task I was adding. I searched, brought up the emails, selected the first one and copy+pasted it into OmniFocus just fine, but when I went to select the second email in the list and copy that one’s link, the Hook app popup showed the same subject line as the first email. I tried double-clicking into the second message to maybe force Hook to see that I’m wanting to copy this second message’s link, and not the first’s, but even then, Hook was still wanting to copy the first email’s link.

I then went and manually located that email by scrolling, etc., found it, clicked it, invoked Hook, and it worked just fine / as expected.

So, it appears that when searching for a message (or messages) in Spark, you can only copy the link of the first message you select from that search. After that Hook gets “stuck” on that first message’s link and won’t give you any new links for any other messages in those search results.

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I guess you’re referring to searching in Spark? Hook simply makes a request to Spark for the link info of the current email. You may be able to try copying and pasting Hook > Preferences > Scripts tab > Spark > Get Address script (which is quite a simple script) into Apple’s Script Editor to see if it also behaves that way. My bet would be it does.

It does. AppleScript does not work on search in Spark (or rather it still points to the previously selected email). Which is possibly why the AppleScript dictionary is not documented at this stage. It’s still very much beta.

Really looking forward to Spark adding better Apple Script (or whatever they need to add to enable better Hook integration) support… I love their email app, but man, the linking is awful. Especially since you know those links are there in their software, they just don’t want anyone else to have access to it. :frowning:

For now, I guess I’m stuck sending a temporary task to OmniFocus, finding that task, copying and pasting the deep link for the Spark email from there, and pasting it to where I actually want it… sigh

@LucB Is there an email template you guys have, or at least talking points I should cover if I wanted to email a developer to bug them about this? Happy to evangelize for this kind of thing on behalf of Hook! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, @josh . There’s Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook. Some developers are reluctant to make their apps linkable via automation because they think it requires AppleScript. But all they need to do is provide x-callback-url support. Greg Pierce put together the lovely x-callback-url, and countless developers have shown it is easy to implement. Users who want a reference model can look at our Craft integration, and the Hook to New scripts used for Drafts integration. Some developers were able to add the required automation within a day. Hook works ‘out of the box’ with many apps. They can also contact us.

I’ve moved this out of Bug Reports because technically, Spark is not fully supported.

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