Hook to QuickTime video specific time not working?

Hello. New hook user. I am trying to get a hook to a point in a video timeline on a QuickTime video that is playing. When I do that, it creates a hook to the file, not the point it is playing. I am using “Copy Markdown Link”. When I paste to draft, for example, I do not get the time stamp. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the trouble.

What’s your Hook version and script version? You can find the info in Hook about window.

Also, could you please post a example of the Markdown Link you got from Hook?

Thank you

Hook Version 3.3.2 (4565; Integration v. 186).
Where do I get the Script Version :)?

Here is what the link looks like:

Your script version is 186.

Please go to Hook Preferences window ->Update, click on “Check now” button to update the script. The latest is 190.

Then try it again. You might need restart Hook.

Thank you

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