`Hook to New` BBEdit project with mesh-linked project files, and a TaskPaper project file

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As Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro) said in Brazil (1985 film) [The director’s edition, not the vitiated for America version]:

We are all in it together.

So, behind the scenes at CogSci Apps we have a huge number of feature requests that have not yet made the day.

Here’s something I haven’t even logged as a feature request for, but it being xmas eve , and wanting a present for myself, I thought I would share my wish for Santa for something in the new year (who might respond: “Celebrate legalization, roll up your sleeves and roll your own code”).

I use BBEdit, a lot. What I would find super handy is Hook to New BBEdit project which unlike what I already have, not only creates a new BBEdit project, but

  1. adds a fresh copy of each of a bunch of .txt files from my template (cf. Cognitive Productivity books or the How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub – Hook screencast),
  2. adds TaskPaper file (based on a template of mine), that is not in the BBEdit project per se but in same folder,
  3. mesh-links them all together, along with
  4. and stores them all in place, not in the Hook “Notes” folder.

The files are:

  • elements-<name>.txt
  • md-<name>.txt
  • outline-<name>.txt
  • spad-<name>.txt
  • title-<name>.txt

and not in the project :

  • tap-.taskpaper

And they would be named according to the selection (as Hook to New currently does when creating an individual notes (“meta-doc”) file).

There is automation available in Hook (and perhaps in BBEdit) such that neither Hook nor BBEdit need be changed for this (i.e., this could be done in a script).

would anyone else like this?

Be that as it may (and will be) as we say “dans le monde francophone”,

Joyeux Noël :blush:.

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