Hook to Goodnotes or Notability

I am completely new to hook and there is much I do not understand yet but I am very excited for it possibilities and how it opens up certain workflows for academics. Currently I am a math student and have a lot of notes taken in GoodNotes, an iPad app for handwritten notes. There is a Mac app also but hook cannot create links from it as of what I am aware. I am curious if any of you have found a way for this to work because I would very much like to be able to reference to my handwritten notes.

Do any of you have a workflow for handwritten notes taken on IOS? I also use keep it for all my other files if any of you have a solution integrating keep it in that workflow.

Disappointing that support didn’t respond to this- I have the same issue

As far as I know, neither the Notability nor the GoodNotes Mac desktop apps are scriptable with AppleScript, so that makes it more difficult for Hook to work with them. Maybe not possible?

Both of those apps are terrific. But I think exporting the notes to PDF and then using Hook with the exported PDF might be the way to go.

Not the answer you want, but maybe it helps.


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Hi @Orion. Thanks for asking and sorry about the slow reply.

We try to monitor the forum, but it’s also a community effort, and as such not every question gets a reply. We also have a “Message Support Button” if anything falls through the cracks. (E.g., there is a discussion currently about “Visualization of Hook Links” where it is more appropriate for CogSci Apps to let the discussion unfold before chiming in, which might not given that the topic has come up before. (But we are continuously refining personal information management with Hook.)

wrt Notability I contacted Gingerlabs 2019-12-04 requesting notability linking-- no reply.

I don’t think Good Notes has AppleScript. If anyone has Good Notes they can use Script Editor to try to open the app’s AppleScript dictionary, which it probably does not have. If it’s there, please let us know what the methods are for linking. we can send you an attempt to make it work.

Those who want to link with those apps may wish to contact their developers: Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook. We’re more than happy to add support for linkable apps.