Hook multiple files by dragging into menu icon


When trying to hook multiple files by dragging into the menubar icon, after two files the well is cleared. So is there a way to drag multiple files (say files in different folders) into the well, so they can hooked together?

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Thanks for asking about this.

The topic is described here: Drag and Drop Linking: Many Items at a Time – Hook.

mesh-file-linking is dependent on the ability to multi-select items. If you multi-select files and drop them in top well, the items will be fully mesh-linked. If you drop them in the bottom well, you will get a hub-and-spoke link.

Finder supports multi-select of files that are in different folder so long as the files are all in the same window. Finder does not support active manipulation of files across different windows (as far as I know).

(Hook also offers “Copy All Links”. You can then “Link to Copied Addresses” (plural, at least should be written in plural form.)

We do intend to continue to extend Hook’s multi-linking capabilities. For example, I’ve referred to an upcoming “accumulator” feature elsewhere in this forum, though the timeline for this is not yet certain.

If my understanding of your topic is correct, it’s better suited to a Discussion & Help category than Bug Reports. Maybe I’ve missed something from your video, however.

I know you can select multiple files into one window, but I was wondering how to combine / multi-linking. I’ll try your suggestion.

Changed category “Discussion & Help”.

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