Hook link .jpg files in two Mac (Icloud)


I’m totally new to Hook and this forum, its been about 1week to use Hook.
And I activated iCloud sync on Hook.

So the problem I have is…

Only “Hook link to .JPG files” doesn’t work across my Macs.

I’m using Bear.app for my note taking with two Macs (Mac book & iMac).
Seems all links except JPG work for both Macs.
But only link to JPG file(generated from Mac 1) doesn’t work with Mac 2.
Even ‘link to .jpeg’ works, which makes me confused; seems not an issue of Preview.

Does anyone have similar problem, or recognize what I’m doing wrong?

Sorry for the trouble.

When you say

Do you mean the links do not show on Mac 2 or you can’t open the links?

Do .JPG files exist on both machines?

Thank you

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @EEDDDIIITTA

Does the file have a “:” or “/” in it? We’ve encountered an issue regarding that (across Macs) which will be fixed in Hook 3.5.

Does the following procedure work?

  1. on MacBook, in Finder select a jpg that is in iCloud (& accessible to both Macs)
  2. Copy Link
  3. paste that link into an Apple note (or Bear, or anywhere that syncs across Macs)
  4. on iMac, find that note, then click on that link

I.e., does the URL open? If not, are you sure the JPG is available on both Macs?

Can you share the filename (copied from Finder) and the link with us, here or as a PM to support?

Thank you for paying attention on my problem, and sorry for late reply.

“Only “Hook link to .JPG files” doesn’t work across my Macs.” means that…
I can’t open the link, which is generated with Mac1, on the other Mac2.

And of course that JPG file exist on both machine, especially by iCloud Sync.
(I double-checked whether the file is downloaded on local drive(not clouded(?)) )

Could you please
(1) On Mac1, select one .JPG file, invoke Hook, copy Markdown link
(2) On Mac2, select the same .JPG file, invoke Hook, copy Markdown link

send both links to support@cogsciapps.com?

Thank you