Hook ios - any news?


I know devs do not talk about release dates, but … any news you’d like to share regarding the IOS app?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @pukka-replay0h. We’re testing a new beta in house, which we will update before releasing it to TestFlight again. It’s pretty close, mostly paced by readiness for launch rather than MVP features at this stage.

Meanwhile, Hook 3.6 public beta is due next week if all goes well. We will release a newsletter next week. Our newsletters sometimes include updates regarding iPhone/iPad.


Since becoming “hooked on Hook” I have made some serious workflow changes. One of which was switching to Craft and finding that several shortcomings of Craft could be solved by using Hook when on my MAC. Unfortunately this also means that my iPad needs separate attention in order to keep up rather than conveniently syncing. I would love to be trying the iOS public beta.

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I know devs do not talk about release dates, etc.

Any news you would like to share regarding Hook for IOS.?

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Thanks for your interest in this. We’ve been working on significants updates to Hook for Mac (in parallel with point releases), coming this fall (Hook 4), before the release of the iPad/iPhone product. There are many people on the TestFlight. We’ve started a waiting list for the next round of TestFlight users.

Hook 3.9 due next week, knock on wood.

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How do I apply to join the next round of testing?

Thanks for the update.

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you can send us a PM with your full name, and an email address associated with Apple TestFlight .

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If there is a waiting list, you can free up my spot. I am so looking forward to the iOS release but unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day.

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I requested Hookmark ios TestFlight from you via private message
I hope you can give me the opportunity to experience Hookmark IOS
I really like using Hookmark.
Thank you!

Thank you for volunteering to test. we’ve been adding users once or twice per month.