Hook integration with Nimbus Note

Hi, I’m new here, so feel free to point me to the correct info if it already exists on the forum somewhere. I did search and couldn’t find any results for Nimbus or Nimbus Note. I’d like to be able to hook a reference from a website to a given note. The same website might also link to a Swift file in XCode, and maybe a note in DEVONThink, and OmniFocus. Nimbus has a web presence similar to Notion et al. Is there an obvious way to do this with what already exists in Hook or does this need to turn into a request?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Rgottlieb . and thanks for asking.

I wasn’t familiar with Nimbus, but if the web browser exposes a URL for each resource (as is good practice) then you should be able to invoke Hook on Nimbus resources in a web browser and get full access to the Hook window commands. Xcode, DEVONthink and OmniFocus are linkable apps so they would be linkable to Nimbus stuff.

Ok, that worked. Thanks!

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