Hook integration for Apple Freeform

Hook integration with the new Apple Freeform app would be very nice. I know Apple is not particularly keen to allow their apps to provide link integration. But, I can dream…


Bump to that - first thing I tried was to link to Craft but nope.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum @MartinJ and @djaneb. And thanks for asking about that.

Apple’s Freeform app has no automation yet. No AppleScript dictionary and not even Apple Shortcuts automation. So there is no possibility for any software / automation (whether Hookmark or other) to index or access it. Also, it does not yet offer a URL scheme.

Apple has shown very little interest in providing links in its software. For instance, Apple Notes and Apple Messages have no links.

Apple Mail and Apple Notes have no explicit URL scheme, however the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking does not strictly require software to provide a URL scheme. The more general idea is that software needs to provide robust indexes ( identifiers) and that can also be used for retrieval.

As such CogSci Apps has developed hook:// URL schemes for Apple Notes and Apple Mail which software like Hookmark can leverage (registering as URL-handlers for it on iPhone, iPad and macOS).

We will happily do something similar for Freeform if/when it has adequate automation.

IDs and search

We @ CogSci Apps are committed to rounding out as many use cases of linking as possible. As such in my Cognitive Productivity with macOS: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge (if I correctly recall !) I, and on this website from 2019 onwards here we, have published a general purpose way of linking anything, even if it has no automation and no URLs.

The trick is to generate a unique ID (using Hookmark’s Copy a New Unique ID or other method) and paste it in the item. Then you use that ID in hyperlinks or other notes. you later feed the ID in search manually, or using hook://search/ links. Currently hook://search/ links leverage Spotlight which by default only finds files. But we intend to generalize that. We recommend using the hook://search/ links for now, and feeding them into manual or automated workflows.

So if /when Freeform gets indexed by Spotlight users will be able to access them with these links.

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Thank you for this explanation.

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