Hook Icon permanently shows a badge in Launchpad

As you might see in the screen shot, the icon in the Dashboard is showing a badge, but not in the Dock. Any ideas where this badge comes from?

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It’s controlled in system preferences: Change Notifications preferences on Mac - Apple Support (CA). Apple tweaks macOS preferences from time to time across versions of macOS.

@LucB : Thank you for your reply.
I was wondering why the icon in the dashboard shows a badge, and the icon on the dock not. After restarting my iMac everything was fine, both icons now show the badge.

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I was also wondering why the icon was showing a notification badge. I can’t find any reason for it showing in the app’s interface, and it’s kinda bugging me. I guess I’ll just turn off notification badges for Hook.

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After the introduction of the Hook app, given that Hook window is (depending on settings) closed after a hooking event/command, some users requested having indications that their command to Hook stuff together. I.e., it was a requested feature, not something there from day 1 (as I recall).