Hook Files on Desktop


Hook files are by default stored in a folder together with the templates. I can only choose a location for all of these folders.

The way I work is to “Make Hook File” and then moving them into specific folders. In that case it would be best if I could choose an independent location for these files in the preferences, such as the desktop.

Thanks, Hans

For now, one can create a symbolic link on Finder from the “Hook files” folder to the location where you want the Hook files to be stored.

We didn’t want the Preferences to be overwhelming, but we see the advantage of a preference.

While I’m on the subject: Hook can create a lot of files (.hook files and via Hook to New). An app like Hazel can be useful for moving these files around.

Ah, as I’m a Hazel owner this solves the problem for now. Didn’t think of it, thanks!

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