Hook doesn't work with Mailmate anymore?

Tonight, I can’t get Hook to work with Mailmate.
Running MM 1.14 (5757) and Hook 2.2.2 (4009) with script 162

Does anyone have similar issues?

MailMate wasn’t available for Big Sur for a while. And now it is available but not recommended by the dev. I did a quick test of Version 1.14 (5757) : Big Sur ( 11.2.2 (20D80)), and it works . I’ll try with 11.3 after updating this particular mac)

Are you seeing No linkable item found in MailMate? If so, anything here apply. Someone reported that a new macOS update affected accessibility permissions for an app , which he needed to reset.

or is it possible you’ve overridden the script?


For me the scripts work with MailMate 1.14 (5757) and Big Sur 11.2.3.

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Ok, my mac was probably in need of coffee, because now it works, and i’ve done nothing that in can think of, apart from locking my screen and unlocking it (which, coincidentally, I need to do to disable the “secure input” that messes with Keyboard Maestro, Textexpander, et al… - is Hook affected by “secure input”?)
I’ll flag this under “forget unless it happens again” - thanks both for taking the time to help!


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @bjornivarsson. Thanks for letting us know.

I meant to write “11.2.3 (20D91)”. confirmed it works for me too there.

I don’t think that applies to Hook.

A security connection of mine mentioned that Big Sur’s permissions management may have issues, where it revokes granted permissions. I have not found that publicly documented yet (need to search again), but it is consistent with reports here.

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