Hook created files named like: 0B111B22-434B-442D-9065-62A51FD7DC8F

I have a couple of hundred hook created files in ~\Documents\Hook\ with file names of the sort 0B111B22-434B-442D-9065-62A51FD7DC8F. They are not plain text but the contents appear to mention “NSKeyedArchiver”.

What are these? Can they be moved/deleted?

Those are very likely Hook Sync files. It looks like you turned Hook Sync on:

Sync Tab – Hook Preferences pane.

and selected the ~/Documents/Hook folder, which is not where we would recommend you put the sync files.

Normally users create a folder in iCloud, Dropbox or an external SSD for them.

See also: https://hookproductivity.com/help/more/using-hook-on-multiple-macs

I recommend you turn off Hook sync, and delete those files. Then if you want to sync, please create a folder specifically for Sync.

Looks like we should add some code to ensure the Hook file sync does not overlap with non-sync Hook files.

Thanks Luc. That was it. A legacy of getting to know the app.