Hook "Buy" (sales) page simplified with new table

Ahead of Hook’s 1.0 Golden Master release, we’ve updated Hook’s Buy page. The page is simpler and clearer. It now includes a prominent table. Please let us know if you have further questions or comments about this, as it is still in draft form.

We at CogSci Apps thank Hook’s beta testers who provided feedback on the previous version of the Buy page.

Have a great week-end :slight_smile: .

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The table is easy to read but I suggest reducing verbiage below it. Is the cost of updating a license each year the same as the purchase cost of that level of Hook? If it is, it’s not clearly spelled out.

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Good point. I’ve now pared it back: Buy.

I’ve added this text:

Update licenses (renewals) : When your initial 12-month license expires, you can purchase an update license for 40% less than the original license price advertised above (or cheaper). That gives you access to another 12 months of software updates and your original level of technical support.

Hook’s license model is based on Timing.app’s app model. ( Daniel Alms, its developer, knows this).

Thanks again for helping us improve Hook / documentation.

Much better! It’s clear now, except for:

  • the update cost could be cheaper than 40% off? What affects this?

  • “ If you install a version of Hook that was released after your free update period has ended, Hook will ask you to downgrade to an older version or purchase an update license to get another year of updates.” Wouldn’t it be better to not allow installation of a newer version once the update period has ended, rather than making the user reinstall an older version?


I’ve now added this “the price is not final).” here:

(or cheaper — the price is not final).

Of course, we will get rid of that text when we finalize the pricing details. We still want to be open to feedback, but are getting close to Golden Master.

Right. that refers to app installation outside the context of Hook (e.g., via Finder or Terminal). We can’t prevent a user from installing apps from those contexts . Hook itself will not allow a user to update to a new version than the current license allows.

Also, before the end of the license period, Hook presents a reminder, that users can disable. And there may also be a note in the status bar.

I don’t currently think we should get into all those details on the buy page (having just made it more concise). But perhaps we should include a link to where this is documented in Help pages. (The UI details are not yet documented online because we have many months for that. We will solicit feedback from post Golden Master beta testers). However, perhaps you have a different opinion about what we should say specifically on the Buy page (?).

Good news. When can we buy?

(Please don’t give away subscriptions to beta users – you did all the work and deserve all the benefit. IMO, developers need to end the free-to-beta-users expectation.)

Thank you, @quorm. If all goes well, in the second half of this month.

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