Hook and Big Sur

Per 9to5Mac Apple has seeded macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Release Candidate ahead of Apple Silicon event - 9to5Mac, aka “Big Sur”.

[Sorry: the initial version of this post referred to macOS 11 as having been released. Thanks to @timstringer for notifying us.]

Hook and Big Sur

In our testing, Hook 1.8 is compatible with Big Sur except that clicking on Hook’s menu bar window’s “Show Hook” label does not work in 1.8. This is just an extra way to get to the Hook window. Hence not critical. It is fixed in the upcoming Hook 2.0 public beta. (The Hook 2.0 build itself is ready to share as a public beta; we’ve been delayed packaging it this busy and eventful week, while also dealing with a mySleepButton iOS 14 issue.)

Big Sur itself

We, CogSci Apps, are not in the business of providing general macOS maintenance/upgrade tips. (There are plenty of great sources about macOS that we read and follow). However, we note that Mike Bombich (developer of Carbon Copy Cloner) wrote in an email this morning (PT):

We recommend waiting for a few updates before upgrading to Big Sur because important components of the OS aren’t working yet.

Michael Tsai - Blog - Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.22 quotes him further as having written :

Thanks to these massive system changes and some bugs in the version of Big Sur that Apple intends to ship, nobody can make a proper copy of the System volume right now, not even with Apple’s proprietary utilities.