Hook and Apple Shortcuts on Mac

I saw that there are some movements in that directions on iOS, but are there plan to for example ship some ready to use shortcuts on Mac? In the search there is no topic mentioning Apple Shortcuts in that context

Now is already possible for users to “hook” Hook with Shortcuts using scripts, but it would much easier for users that aren’t power users to extend their use of Hook :wink:

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On iPhone and iPad we plan to support Shortcuts. If users would like to share the workflows they’d like to support with Hook Shortcuts that would give us a better idea for designing and prioritizing this.

My example workflow (very simple):

  • (Hook shorcut) get current page /link to object as markdown link
  • I will use output of Hook shortcut as input for other shorcut that I will build, for example
    “Add time and Append input to specific page in today note under links in Obsidian” or It could be todo/ workin on list/anything

Currently it is possible to build a shortcut that will work for webpages (it may be cumbersome)
A Shortcut to copy a Markdown URL to the current web page? : shortcuts (reddit.com)
But it doesnt cover all objects that Hook might “hook”

Everything what I am talking is currently possible with Apple Script (I still have problem with mastering it, even if I write code for my PhD project ;P) but I think starting supporting Apple Shortcuts might be really beneficial for users, who aren’t “power users”

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Or other workflow - users might start shortcuts directly from hook - for example every time the page is hooked, there will be some automation that start in the backround and save the page as pdf in the devonthink in specific folder


Having the ability to use macOS Shortcuts (despite of its limitations) would help people like me to define automations without the knowledge of AppleScript and therefore the dependence on other people with AppleScript skills would be reduced.


Even Pages and Keynote now support shortcuts on Mac :slight_smile:

To add to the topic - support for Apple shortcuts (event rudimentary) will broaden the group of users and possible way to integrate Hook into workflow…

How Shortcuts for the Mac will fit in - All this (leancrew.com)
Shortcut will play with Apple Scipt and maybe even in some point supersede Apple Automator…

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