Hook 2.2 taking a long time to initialise and menu bar icon not showing

Having just restarted my MPB (2019 running OSX 10.15.7) before getting down to work after the break, I noticed that Hook took a long time to initialise – at least 2 minutes, I think, though I wasn’t timing it. Once the initialisation window had gone, the menu bar icon did not show up. It’s just become visible while I’ve been writing this. Any ideas what might be causing this slowness (other than general reluctance to get down to work in a new year!)?

Update: the menu bar icon is no longer visible again, though Hook is working fine.

a number of things can affect performance. If you mount or unmount a filesystem, Hook may need to do some reindexing for instance. We’ll add some documentation on the various factors.

If you switch to a new Mac, or reinstall from Time Machine or a clone, there may also be a lot of initial indexing (and need to reset automation permissions).

Thanks, Luc. It seems to be working fine now, so I guess it was reindexing.