[FIXED] Status bar links to current documents are broken

b2002 (but also prior builds)

When, in Apple Mail, Hook is invoked and we click the link at the bottom of the Hook window:

Creates a document, names it, stores it in the Hook Notes folder, and links it to Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2002) built 2019-02-11

this error pops open

That is not a link to this email message, this is the link to the message


(Apple Mail is the mail provider defined in Hook – I do not have other mail providers installed here.)

Thanks for reporting this! It’s a bug that we didn’t know about. Will fix ASAP.

we’re close to completing a fix to this issue. I expect it to be in the next build.

I’ve renamed this to “Status bar links to current documents are broken”. The issue is solved in Version 1.0-beta (2024), to be published today.