[FIXED] In OmniFocus 3, the link created in "Link to New" does nothing when clicked on the Mac that created it

Tasks appear in my inbox, and the notes are populated with a Hook link to a file on my harddrive, but clicking the link does nothing.

I tried with two files, both PDFs, one located in my Downloads folder (local) and the other in my Documents folder (synced with iCloud)

Just wanted to add another report of this issue.

In certain applications such as Pages and Finder…

“Link to New” > “OmniFocus” generates a nice, new inbox item with a rather cumbersome-looking link in the notes field. Clicking said link produces no effect for files, but seems to work just fine for web pages.

In both cases the links look terrifying and not like what is produced using the “Copy Link” function.

Sorry for the delay, this fell under our radar. The work-around is to invoke the Hook window on the OmniFocus task. Its link work fine.

That’s not currently helpful for the iOS case, so we need to ensure the URL copied into the OmniFocus task note is correct.

I’ve moved this topic to the Bug Reports category .

Marking as fixed a while back: 2019-05-03 Version 1.0-beta (2317)