Fixed in Integration Scripts v. 114 `Hook to New` > `Drafts` fails on some macs (workaround = add delay to script)

Hook 1.5.1 on macOS 10.15.4 with Drafts v19.0.16

Drafts 19 was released on macOS earlier this week, and probably broke the automation.

I reloaded templates in Preferences > Notes. This did not fix the issue. I do not have any Drafts custom templates

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Got that error too with same versioning

Drafts 19 has modified / added scripting features:

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Jep. A massive change to Drafts <3

thanks for letting us know. will look at it asap.

Two of us have tried it here (macOS 10.14 and 10.15 ; Drafts 19.0.6, which was updated here yesterday – without the Pro subscription) and it works at this end. This suggests that it’s a screen scripting timing issue.

In the Get Address script, on the line that says “Repeat 5 times” , could you please try replacing the number 5 with bigger numbers, such as 10, 15, 20… to see if it makes any difference? thanks.

Graham wrote in July about Hook’s Drafts script:

I also improved the Get Address and Get Name scripts a little, and noticed a shortcoming, that they don’t work if the note is open in its own window. It is due to what I consider a fault, so I’ve reported it to the developer.

We’ll get in touch with the Drafts dev, requesting AppleScript support which would be more reliable.

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20 works.

I’d prefer to have a trusted, working script from the developer than have to kludge my own.

Thanks for letting us know that this fixes the issue for you.