Firefox Issue - Hook doesn't do anything

I recently switched to Firefox, Hook is not working with Firefox, but I’m not really sure if this only happened recently. Looking through the forums it doesn’t seem other people had the same issue.

Invoking Hook on a link doesn’t do anything, occasionally a list with previous links pops up, but still no Hook window. No beachball, but occasionally I’m getting the “time out” message, #8827L-11. Hook then initialized when I invoke it again.

Works fine on Safari and on Chrome. I played around with the Firefox Privacy settings to no avail.

Firefox 88.01, Mac OS 10.14.6, on all Hook versions from the last two weeks (I updated today, no hcnage in behavior).

Le me know what to look for!

Thanks, Hans

Unfortunately, Firefox does not have adequate automation, so software can only use UI scripting to control it, which is why Hook is not advertised as fully compatible with it ( :thinking: Firefox on the apps page.) Still, a number of users (including some of us here at CogSci Apps Corp.) use Firefox and Hook together.

So, I do not think there is a bug here. It’s just the vagaries of UI scripted integration.

If you search the forum, you may find similar reports. I’ve suggested elsewhere on the forum that there are requests of Mozilla to add automation, but Firefox does not seem to be getting the love that it requires from its foundation. They seem to be putting their priorities elsewhere. So I’ve moved this topic into the Discussions category.

I am writing this in Brave which works well, as do other browsers with an API for linking.

Also there’s a delay parameter in Hook’s Firefox integration script. It’s set at 0.5s but you could try increasing it for your Mac.

Ah, thanks! Hans
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