Finder: Surface Hooks on parent folder?

I have a folder of files related to a woodworking project. In reality, the concept I care about is the folder, but I have several files in the folder such as some PDFs and SketchUp documents.

I noticed that if I have selected a file in the folder (for instance the PDF of the plans) Hook does not surface the websites that I have hooked to the folder that contains these files. Likewise, if I have hooked the video for the project that lives in my Plex library to the PDF of plans, I don’t see this when I invoke Hook on the folder itself.

Is it possible to see all the hooks for a given Finder directory and its contents? If this is not a supported feature, does anyone have a suggestion for improving workflow in this case?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @jxpx777.

That functionality is on its way later this year.

For now, you can search for a fragment of the path. That will surface every item in the specified path that you’ve hooked. From that list, you can navigate to hooked items within Hook (with the keyboard or the mouse).

So if the path is foo/bar/baz/hiphop, in Hook you can do

  1. ⌘S (to search).
  2. type part of the path, such as foo bar or hiph*

If you want to find info you’ve hooked to then in step 2 you could type hookp* blog.

Hook has an API, so one could create and use the index before then. But probably best to wait for the new features.

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