Drafts Hook to New Doesn't Quite Work

I have the newest version of Hook and the newest scripts. Hook to New – Drafts doesn’t fully work. It opens Drafts, starts a new Draft and pastes the name of the item I want to hook to. However, it fails to paste the URL. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rochelle,

Hook to New > Drafts is not design to paste the URL in. It is design to ‘hook’ (bidirectionally link) the new draft to the source.

E.g., on this web page,

  1. I invoked Hook
  2. typed ⌃⌘N (equivalent to clicking on the Title menu and selecting Hook to New...
  3. selected Drafts

Then Hook did its thing leading to a new hooked Drafts doc. Proof being: I invoked Hook in Drafts and saw this:

(that’s a Hook 2.0 beta UI, so a bit different from what you would see).

are you saying that when you invoke Hook in Drafts you do not see the Hooked link, or vice versa?