Don't understand how to use Hook with Scrivener

Can I Hook a Scrivener project to a non-Scrivener file using Hook?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Harold_Sjursen . Yes, you should be able to do that.

  1. Invoke Hook in Scrivener by doing ⇧⌘SPACE.
  2. Copy Link (⌘C)
  3. Invoke Hook in any linkable app’s item (such as a email or a file in Finder) with ⇧⌘SPACE again,
  4. use Hook to Copied Link (⌘V)

See Hook to Copied Link

[edited 2021-07-08 16:42 to clarify the steps.]

the Command C to invoke Hook doesn’t seem to work in Scrivener.

Should I create an external link in Scrivener and then invoke the copy link in Hook?

I’ve edited the steps above for clarity.

Hook’s Copy Link should get Scrivener’s link.

I put a couple of screenshots on the Scrivener forums that might help.

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Thank you for your effort and patience; sorry to be so dense. I have it working now. For me, the process works a litte differently in Scrivener than it does in Word and other programs I use. But I have figured it out thanks to the help I received. I’m new to Hook which offers a useful addition to the Scrivener functionalities.

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i am not very smart and still a hook newbie but it seems to me the link generated by hook to a scrivener document is simply a scrivener link (x-scrivener-item://) this means that unlike a hook link (hook://) it is not independent of the name and location of the scrivener document and if either of those change the link breaks. or perhaps i am missing something?

I am also new to Hook and would like to hear on this matter from others with more knowledge and experience than I have. In my limited experience so far it seems that Hook works differently with different applications. Also, the hotkeys (shortcuts) do not seem to be the same as those listed in Hook preferences. Could any of this be because I am running BigSur (which has changed other things without my wanting it).

Yes, Hook by default returns the x-scrivener-item: URL.

Originally Hook returned hook://file/ URLs instead, to the entire book. If that is what someone wants, it can be done. Personally, I prefer hook://file/ links.

I don’t think it is anything to do with Big Sur – I am running it, and I haven’t noticed any change. But shortcuts are often mysterious, and can be “hijacked” by Services, among other things. That is why I always keep a copy of ShortcutDetective on my system, so I can find out what application is receiving a shortcut:

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Thanks, you’re right. I remember now that in the past that a keyboard shortcut would bring up something different. It seems that various programs use the same shortcut. Normally I don’t use keyboard shortcuts so I don’t notice this. But with Hook it is most convenient and so I have lately become aware of the problem. I’ve downloaded ShorcutDetective, but so far it just spins – doesn’t detect anything.

Each time you use a shortcut it should tell you which program is using the key strokes. If the keys aren’t assigned to anything there will be no output.

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the x-scrivener item links are not useful to me for the reason mentioned above but i guess there is simply no way for hook to generate hook://file URLs to individual scrivener items. i think for me then a workaround is to use the sync to folder option in scrivener to render out individual .rtf or .txt files and generate hook://file URLs to those. maybe this workaround is useful to others.

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