Dokuwiki and hook

I’m using dokuwiki for building my own system for productivity, learning, development, and growth. I was frustrated to lose the ease of use made available by hook, since dokuwiki is a non-locally hosted web application.

I considered loading the mamp stack to run the system locally, but that felt kludgy and seemed to introduce extra administration overhead as well as an increase in fragility.

I am glad I resisted, because I found the solution to getting dokuwiki to recognize hook links to local files. I edited the conf/scheme.conf file to include hook as one of the protocols.

I really wish that dokuwiki used markdown, but at least pandoc can convert from md to dokuwiki.

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I see a markdown package for dokuwiki, but don’t trust things not in development for a while, and yet active and used by others more brave.

What I’m going to learn to do is add a note to dokuwiki using hook so I eliminate a few documentation steps.

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